Stop Toxic People from Wrecking Your Life – Now

Toxic people are poisoning your life.

And everywhere you look the advice is the same. Get rid of the toxic people, they say. Find new, positive people to hang out with. They make it sound so easy. Everyone advises you that it is easy – but it feels hard. It’s tough, and you don’t know where to start – or how it might end.

All sorts of horrible complications can get in the way – you may lack of confidence to take action; you may feel angry, guilty or just plain confused. Then there’s a natural fear of things going wrong, fear of the toxic person’s angry response, and fear of damaging your valued non-toxic friendships. You may even be concerned about what comes next.

Just to add to the difficulties, you may like or even love your toxic person. They may be your brother, or your mother – or even your lover.

So when people do tell you it should be easy, they clearly do not understand your situation. They can’t help you. And they probably never will.

But you can. You just need to know how.

That’s where Dealing with Toxic People comes in.

Become Your Own Anti-Toxic Super Hero

Dealing with Toxic People is much more than yet another half-baked list of simplistic do’s and don’ts. It is a comprehensive development course that has you as its focus – helping you develop your own unique set of vital anti-toxic-people super powers through a series of carefully written explanations and exercises, based on three core elements.

  • An enhanced understanding of yourself and the toxic people in your life
  • Powerful tools to help change the way you think and react to anything your toxic person can throw at you.
  • An arsenal of de-toxifying  and life changing techniques to help you gain control of your relationship through strength and intelligence – while at the same time minimizing the chances of conflict and confrontation
Toxic People in the Workplace
You’ll also find a chapter to help you deal with toxic people at work.

Ending a Toxic Relationship
And if you wish to end a relationship with a toxic person there’s a full section to help you do it – safely, organized, and in control.


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